Being an OKC Fan

If you’re into basketball at all and have been in the last ten years, you know that the Oklahoma City Thunder are a force to be reckoned with. This professional basketball team is part of the Western Conference in the NBA, and they’ve definitely done some work proving themselves since settling in the state’s capital in 2008.


From the Northwest

One thing that many people do not know very well about this Oklahoma City based team is that they did not get started in this area. Before their first season in Oklahoma in 2008, they were based in the Pacific Northwest town of Seattle. They were called the Supersonics. Due to a losing record and low attendance, the franchise moved to Oklahoma City where they reside now.

Claims to Fame

Almost Champs

Although the Oklahoma City Thunder have not yet won a national championship, they have come very close. They’ve appeared in the NBA finals several times and usually make it into the playoffs. Most recently, they lost to the Houston Rockets in this year’s Western Conference playoffs. Many people who live in Oklahoma City are still hopeful that one day this team can bring home a trophy to the capital of the great state of Oklahoma.


There are some major powerhouses who play or have played on the OKC Thunder. For example, basketball superstar Kevin Durant spent many seasons playing for this team. He helped lead them to several NBA Finals. He now plays on the West Coast for the Golden State Warriors. Many players who relocate have used Bo Ballard Moves.

Another great basketball player who has been a part of the Thunder for a while is the amazing point guard Russell Westbrook. This talented player has been an NBA all star many times and is regarded as one of the best players in the league right now.