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Welcome to the website home of Money Movers Inc, where we are all about saving you cash on your next move. Whether it be residential or commercial, we will make sure that you keep as much cash as possible in your pocket.

Why Trust Money Movers?

There are a bevy of other great moving companies out there in Quincy (hailing from OKC) and other places. What makes ours so special? This is a great question for any concerned prospective customer to ask. We believe that our clients get the greatest moving experience out of doing business with us. Below, we’ve listed some of the benefits of choosing us as your moving company. Check them out!

The MOST Affordable Prices

Like in our name, we care about saving you money. Many people out there would like to hire movers for relocation but cannot do so due to a constrained budget. They end up doing things themselves and risk damaging their belongings because of lack of professional training.

We’re here to save you from the headache of a DIY move. Our prices are very low and we strive to keep them that way. In addition, we offer competitive matching for anyone who could possibly charge less that we do for the same job.

A Swift and Less Stressful Move

Moving is definitely a headache. Ask anyone who has done it more than once. There are so many things to pack and coordinate. Many people reach their wit’s end when trying to pull off a move.

Let Money Movers take the reins so that you can have some peace of mind during the moving process. Our experts have been helping people move for many years and know the ins and outs of the logistics. We can handle everything for you from packing to loading the truck to unpacking and unloading the truck. Check out what Sandy, a recent customer who chose us, had to say about her last move:

“Let’s get one thing straight. I HATE moving. You could probably put it on my tombstone because I dislike it that much. When my husband got a job across the city, I started to freak out because I knew we would have a stressful move ahead of us. Thankfully, a friend referred me to Money Movers. I gave them a call and told them the situation. From there on out, they took care of everything and I was able to stay sane during the whole operation. They packed and loaded and unloaded like the most seasoned of professionals. They were also very kind and courteous. When all was said and done, I was happily unpacking in my new house knowing that I had championed the moving process with the help of my new friends, Money Movers. Thanks guys!” 

Get a Free Quote

Don’t sit around wondering whether or not you should see how much a move costs. Our experts on staff will be able to give you an accurate quote very quickly. Chances are you might be pleased at the low price you see.

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